October is usually a good month for me

So my month got off to a rough start and things are going to be tweaked at least until the end it seems.

Went for a bike ride on Wednesday, the 1st, and in the process almost fell down while stopping when my shoe got stuck. So I reached out to the closest thing to me, a chain link fence. Problem solved. Get I stay up, the bike stays up, the foot finally touches ground. Then I look at my hand and something doesn't seem right. Did that pinky finger usually stick out funny and to the side?

I assume it was dislocated, though I honestly didn't feel a thing at all. So I get back on the bike, peddle the full hour back home (it was a long ride) and hope in the car to get it seen by the docs. A bit of poking and prodding and the decision to take some x-rays and we finally have a diagnosis. Apparently I broke the finger. I still don't understand the physics of breaking a finger that way, and how it didn't even twinge in the process.

Specialist visit today left two choices, wrap it and let it heal and likely be bent for good. Or go back next week and let him do his magic with a couple pieces of metal in through the hand to hold it still for three weeks. Went for the later. Cross your fingers it works.

The biggest frustration, I was doing the riding to get my endurance up, supposed to help going on a 50+ mile ride at the end of the month in Austin. That will not be an option with hand pinned and splinted. Will be other rides.
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Tough Mudder

So I haven't posted in awhile, life has been active recently. Apparently there's this thing where as you get older you realize you have to do things differently. This year has been about being active, literally.

Anyone who knows me from back in the day knows I'm not athletic. I mean for most of the last two decades my only regular exercise was LARP fighting, which is not very intensive unless your opponent is a coward and runs around the field making you chase them. I was know at one point as a guy who could take on opponents with single sword in one hand and my clove cigarette in the other, never put it down take puffs between swings. Even growing up the only consistent activity I did was biking. I tried baseball one year (and have the scars to show), cross country one season, weightlifting when I had time during college, but I wasn't ever a jock, not by a long shot.

So I turned 40 this year, and I spent last year getting my weight down to reasonable territory. This year I've been hiking most weekends if time permits, which it often does. I've put a lot of miles on the car driving to Santa Monica mountains, Malibu, Topanga and the Angeles Forests. I've seen barren deserts and lush green canyons, beautiful coastal sunsets and glorious peak vantages. And I've hung out with great people in the process, thanks to Meetup and the Santa Monica Hiking Club. I've posted a gazillion or so pictures from these hikes online.

But apparently that wasn't enough for me, like many of us I sometimes need a loftier goal to aim for. A challenge to face. Dragons to slay. Yesterday was that day.

I went for my first time to a mud run, but not just a 5k or fundraiser, I went to a beast of an event called Tough Mudder. I spent four hours running around, and through, Vail Lake near Temecula, going up and down numerous hills and ridges, and through about 20 obstacles. Here's the view of the lake at the end.

Tough Mudder Finish overlooking Vail Lake

Looks peaceful now, but it was a long trek to get there. Yesterday and this year.
But in the end I earned the view and the headband.

Tough Mudder Completed

And I'm already considering it again in March.

Yes/No Meme

Copying this from someone else because I'm completely bored at work today.

1. You can ONLY answer 'Yes' or 'No'.
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks—and, believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming. Nothing is exactly as it seems.
3. We reserve the right not to explain some of these if asked. But the meme is fun anyway.

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Another year, another milestone...

Yep, I survived another trip around the fiery daystar and thus am officially 'old'.
I have passed the formal milestone into middle age. Despite probably being in the best shape I have been in a decade, I have to trade off that improvement with the smattering of white hair and the knowledge of major changes in the coming decade.
Oh well, c'est la vie. I enjoyed a tasty treat for my birthday, and had a yummy meal too. I still have a concert on Friday to spoil myself as well. Then back to reality and a self-prescribed regimen of personal goals. Another year older and hopefully a bit wiser.

Random-ish Post

Merry Smishmash to one and all.

Went to see The Hobbit with the family today. Did enjoy myself. Understand how some would feel it a bit long. Definitely liked that one fight scene, you know the one. :)

Off to be Santa. Sleep well naughty and nice folk.

Another goodbye

A sad end to my day, made an okay Monday turn pretty crappy. Had to go with the wife and take our oldest animal friend to be seen. Made the choice to say a final goodbye as he was likely in pain and too old to recover. To the late King Tyndareus, the most mellow ball python to ever live. 1991-2012

Daily Beauty (Belated)

Well I had been trying to post everyday, even if I sometimes technically used a picture from the calendar day before. Seems I slipped on that one today entirely. Not that I couldn't have posted this afternoon, but hadn't figured out what yet. And then I got busy. Busy can be very, very good. So I'm not gonna even try to fake it and upload whatever I might post, one of two options. Instead...

|                                                                    |
|   Imagine the image of a wonderful conversation.  |
|                                                                    |
|   Now imagine it while naked.  Good.  That is all.   |
|                                                                    |

I'm off to sleep. Have a good Sunday all if I don't get around to posting again, cause I might feel like keeping some beauty for myself today.