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Excuse me while I decompress

As the movies say


The main event of my year, at least in AOKP terms is finally finished.
(Unless you count unpacking my truck, paying bills, possibly running
another yard sale, mailing out a few feedback cards, putting together
ideas and improvements for next time and finding ways to show my
appreciation to everyone that worked their asses off to make it happen)

I can easily say that the entire weekend was a success, because in the
end the only real issues involved either not having more time to do the
things we were enjoying, or not having more people there to enjoy it
with us.

As with any idea that imbeds itself this deeply in my brain I can only
truly relax when its done and I can move on to my next project. So with
this breath I official say its done. There will be clean up and follow
through but as of now I can deal with some mundane life events (like the
guys walking on my roof now dealing with the AC and roofing issues).
And more importantly I can look at a couple of projects sitting on the
back burner that have not had attention in months.

I got to spend time with two of my Caradoc brothers and a couple of
people who I see now as having some of that blood in them as well.
I also got to hangout with the best kind of women, the ones who make
your blood boil with desire and give as good as they take even before
you're in bed. Not that I got any of them in bed, but I'm patient about

I'm sure I've got like ten dozen more things to say, but my brain is
not working yet, so cross your fingers that I can focus later and keep
commenting on life in progress.

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