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Why am I awake already?

To start, last night was great. Went to the OC Fair
and saw Flogging Molly, The Vandals & Goldfinger.
Started out slow, but by the end everyone was
standing through most of the Flogging Molly set.

Unfortunately after getting home at Midnight and
in bed after 1am, now I'm at work already at 8:30
in the morning, since apparently like half the
office is out today for various reasons and I had
to make sure things were up an running. I am not
used to this morning shit, especially after a night

And to top it all, what do I get in my email at
Anyone else feeling insane enough to go do this again,
in Hollywood, at a standing room only venue, with more
overpriced drinks?
Tags: flogging molly, work

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