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The Quiz Bandwagon

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1) What animal does rosaleendhu remind you of? maybe a lemur?
2) Would you ever date ka0? Not likely
3) Does jzwondering have a big secret? If he's in the closet this long, thats a huge secret, but probably not
4) Where would dorothy_of_oz most like to visit? There's no place like home, but probably not so much Kansas
5) Where was technomonkey born? The Valley, not sure?
6) Are ka0 and shingkhor going out? nope
7) What song/movie would you recommend to sportsjunkie? hmm, I'd really have to think about that
8) What is tmesis's favorite movie? not a clue, but he would probably enjoy Real Genius
9) Is thalialunacy a college student? nope, desk jockey now
10) Would gbone go out with eowyn42? not likely, she'd eat him for lunch
11) Is ars_bushido a high school student? nope, been there done that
12) What would sportsjunkie think of pyewacket_666? she's the cat's meow
13) When did you last call steppyb? probably not in months, sometime we were going to maggies
14) If thalialunacy took over the world, who would suffer? inferior singers tremble in fear
15) How long have you known lord_colin? more than 10 years now
16) Is technomonkey your best friend? nope, just a friend
17) How many monkeys could technomonkey fight at once and win against? I think one would have him out of breath, but I could be wrong
18) What would you do if countessaurelia died? reaffirm my belief that there is no just god
19) What flavor of jello would ars_bushido be? mandarin orange
20) Is ideaspace related to you? Nope
21) How would pyewacket_666 conquer the world? Trained hamster guerilla army
22) Are jzwondering and eowyn42 going steady? Nope, though that would be a cute couple
23) Do you have fuzzygondol's screenname? yep, its fuzzy too
24) Did rosaleendhu break up with you? Nope, shot me down before I was even up to bat
25) Is shironiku dead sexy? He can dress the part, but not usually
26) What is eowyn42's favorite game? 3 man
27) Do you have a crush on fuzzygondol? Only she would know for sure
28) Have you flirted with fuzzygondol? Hell yeah
29) What is lord_colin's shoe size? You know what they say about a man with big feet (around a size 11 or 12)
30) Is fuzzygondol popular? She is loved by many
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