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Don't know how different this one is...

But it was definitely fun to fill out.

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) Do you have fuzzygondol's screenname? yep
2) What animal does davidwoolery remind you of? definite bear, but cartoon version
3) Are bigevil and steppyb going steady? nope
4) What song/movie would you recommend to bigevil? bulworth
5) Would you ever date ka0? not likely
6) Are steppyb and dorothy_of_oz going out? he should be so luck, but no he's taken
7) What word best describes shagorche? twin
8) Is bigevil related to countessaurelia? not so much
9) Is tmesis 1337? he would probably not admit it, but yeah
10) What would midori_suzume think of lord_colin? huh?
11) Has countessaurelia dyed their hair? not that I recall
12) Is countessaurelia friends with rosaleendhu? think so at least a little
13) What is thalialunacy's favorite food? noodles, definitely noodles
14) Where was steppyb born? SoCal I think
15) shingkhor's eye color? Brown?
16) What do you agree with shironiku about? Day jobs suck
17) Would davidwoolery be a better ninja or pirate? All Pirate All The Time
18) Is shagorche an emo? nope but that would be interesting to see
19) If fuzzygondol and eowyn42 were spliced together, what would it be like? hmm, think two-face in batman but with big boobs
20) What would you do if you found out jzwondering has a crush on you? smoochy, smoochies
21) What do you disagree with lord_colin about? tv is good (in moderation)
22) What would ars_bushido give lord_colin for his/her birthday? a book or a knife
23) Is shagorche popular? He could be
24) Does lord_colin travel a lot? not so much
25) Are isle_of_woman and missamay married? nope, don't think they ever got together for that matter
26) What flavor of jello would ernoldsame be? lime or cherry but he wouldn't be able to tell by looking
27) Would you make out with tmesis? nope, talk about beard friction
28) What is tmesis's favorite movie? hard to say, maybe Evil Dead
29) Does thalialunacy know shironiku? Yep
30) What animal should bigevil be combined with? Octopus, he could use the extra arms
31) Would fuzzygondol go out with shironiku? Don't think so
32) What rank would gbone have in a giant robot army? Mechanic
33) How would ideaspace conquer the world? One word at a time
34) One thing you can't stand about dorothy_of_oz? she's kinda two dimensional
35) Does dorothy_of_oz have a dog? umm, yeah, oddly enough she does
36) Does bigevil go to your school? He did, but not while I was there
37) Is eowyn42 athletic? Not so much
38) Where would gbone most like to visit? Probably SoCal again
39) How many monkeys could missamay fight at once and win against? just one, they'd have a staring contest
40) If fuzzygondol took over the world, who would suffer? Art Critics
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