May 1st, 2005


I should so still be sleeping

Okay, yesterday the condensed version.

Left Whittier at around 11 with bigevil, fuzziegondol and isle_of_woman, got to
Indio around 1, hit ralphs for lunch and bathrooms. Finally got into parking, next to some
guys with 2 kegs in truck bed, but no luck with the tap.

Waded through security like a sea of lemmings. Was way too late for Katie Melua thanks
to traffic but I'll just have to find her playing elsewhere.

Caught a bit of M83 and enjoyed it, also crashed out on the grass listening to Rilo Kiley
and some Cafe Tacuba, why is it that music makes lying on the grass more comfortable.

Spent hours in the Sahara tent listening to enough techno to make me buzz, folks like
DJ Marky and Tiga during the day, and at the end of the night like over an hour of
Chemical Brothers, just wish it wasn't so damn hot in the tents.

We all went and crowded in to listen to Weezer play, which was cool, like a giant campfire
singalong where everyone knows the words to everything, except I never got a contact high
sitting around the fire at camp.

But the biggest event of the night for me was Bauhaus on stage, a real event, these guys
had a definite presence and Peter Murphy was wild to watch, pretty impressive for almost
50, and the band started over 25 years ago. For a small peak, check this (Clip) (9+mb)
of the start of the set. Things to note, this is only 3 minutes of like a 10 minute or so
version of the song and yes the singer is hanging upside down. Now if I can only find
a bootleg online of the show.

And to ernoldsame, who we never ran in to (hope you made it out), I don't know
where you get the energy to go to both days.

And somehow in the time I spent writing this, and finding the movie to put up and such,
fuzzy managed to sneak in and post her recount first. And its not that I didn't like the
art as such, I just didn't think some of it fit in well, especially the giant baby head unit.

It was a good day, I'm not half as sore as I expected to be and now I can get back to
my everyday life for a couple days at least.
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