November 9th, 2007


Holiday stretch

Yes its seems that time of the year is upon us already.

One of my friends has posted a request to let her wrap other peoples presents, apparently she gets much joy out of the wrapping part. I can't decide how much I want to take advantage of her generosity without feeling guilty. I used to love wrapping, but now time is in short supply and I tend to stress out over it too much, the rare bit of perfectionist in me.

Folks are talking about wish lists and such, I'm currently at a loss for my own ideas, and should probably go clean up my amazon list at the very list.
Not sure if I'll add this to it (, though apparently the Christmas Ham is kosher. How can you not like a company that sponsors a tattoo artist.

I'm gonna try to get my shopping done quick this year, will see how that goes. If I'm feeling really masochistic I might even camp out somewhere for Black Friday, so far Circuit City has the most exciting stuff, but its still in the running. Last year was nuts with the cold shift, at least what we in Cali call cold.

I'm expecting a busy weekend, most likely followed by more and more busy weekends, so I'll probably be a tired puppy by January, will see. I just need a vacation I guess, and of course to win the lottery.

Happy Holidays to all in advance.
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Childhood fantasy

Most every guy my age at some time or another dreamed of owning his own arcade game, the classic upright ones from back in the day. In high school I was actually lucky enough to pick up two broken ones that were fixable, Atari's Space Duel and the even older table style football, the one with trackballs and Xs and Os for the players. Yeah I was a total dork, but I loved it.

But now even I'm envious of this world record project. I think I know where I wanna go for my next vacation, now how to sneak off with a 13 foot tall box that weights close to 3/4 tons.