March 7th, 2008


I made it so far

Well, its official, I made it through my birthday, I'm now definitely 35. Seems I've hit midlife and didn't even know it. Yeah I know some will say that midlife doesn't start 'til 40 (or 50), but screw it, the only major difference I can see will probably be longer sentence at the same job and teenage kids. And the men in my family don't live forever, so I figure 35 is midlife if I make it to 70 give or take. And I'm already ahead of the curve on most things like the 3 kids and marriage. *waves to jzwondering and Rick in AZ*

So now what the hell am I supposed to do different? I can't exactly get more lecherous, and if I chased anything younger I'd get put in jail for it. I don't do sports cars, besides if I got a convertible I'd probably just loose my hair faster from the wind. What other stereotypes should I watch out for? Maybe I should finally get that tattoo.

Ah, well I guess I'm just gonna have to enjoy what I got and wait to see what happens at 40. Or maybe I'll go watch American Beauty instead. Love you guys, thanks for reading.
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