April 23rd, 2010

Rock On

Happy Friday All Y'all

So I made it through first event of the long, busy weekend. Unfortunately kept forgetting to get out my camera, so didn't get to take a picture of the impressive spread we put out. There were well over a million hundred cookies on that table. Plus, a huge beverage server of chilled milk to go with. And to add to that a ton of nummy pizza rolls (which I just recalled are still in my fridge, instead of here now being eaten, damn.) It was a pretty great turnout, and we're expecting even more folks to keep showing up as the weekend gets closer.

And then I totally overslept this morning, even for me, and was running late, and now my day is like more than half gone it seems. Guess I don't usually get much done on Fridays anyway. Hope everyone else has a great weekend. Especially far away friends who are dealing with not fun medical or personal issues. *hugs* good luck.

Okay, I'm off to look busy for another 3 hours.