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One weekend down...

...hundreds more to go.

So this weekend was damn good, if a little exhausting. I won't bore with
the details, BUT, here's how it goes...

Friday was a party in the guise of a wedding reception that was much fun,
including many many friends in from out of town.

Saturday included a movie (Zathura - 3 stars), a kids birthday party and
then an AOKP short story (LARPesque for you non-AOKPers). BTW, Seth and
Cindy, you so suck for that attack, wish I'd thought of it. And then
Denny's at 11:30 (I didn't even realize that many people were still awake
in Whittier that late). For those who I chatted with about pretty pretty
stuff's look here and here too.

Today (Sunday) was a flash, Costco shopping (on Fast Forward no less), then
Picnic (yea for silly hats! New plate, new plate, move down!) and Bridge
Battle (I'm already feeling sore, need to get back to the gym regularly)
followed by planning for next weekend, and finally home to wind down.

End Weekend
Tags: leather, weekend


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