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Pet Peeve

People who post pictures that are sideways.

I'm not talking a little tilted from the self-shooter who holds
the camera at arms length to get the shot. I'm talking a full
quarter turn off, like when you want the taller portrait shot
instead of the wider landscape one. I mean if you can't figure
out your computer well enough to turn a picture then maybe you
should consider spending more time at community college and less
on LJ.


BTW - If you have a random pet peeve as well, something that you
were reminded of today, please post it so I can empathize.


Ok, here's a random pet peeve (I have many).

The setup:
There's a stoplight at a four-way intersection. There's a left-turn signal at said intersection. There is one left turn lane, and there is a concrete safety island between the lanes on your side of the street and oncoming traffic.

As you approach the signal in the #1 lane (the lane closest to oncoming traffic, in this case with the safety island to your left), the regular traffic light is red, but the left turn arrow is green. However, there isn't enough room between the car in front of you and the center divider to get into the left turn lane. Usually, there is 1-2" less than what you need (even more maddening). Most of the time, the cars in front of you inch forward enough for you to squeeze in, although 99% of the time it's too late for you to make the light.

Now, here's the pisser: once you are actually in the left turn lane, you look at the cars in the lane to your right, the ones that were in front of you, and inevitably there is some ignorant-ass motherfucker who has an entire car length between him and the car in front of him. If he wasn't so Goddamn retarded and had pulled forward, oh, a couple of fucking feet, you wouldn't have had to miss the turn signal.

Goddammit, that pisses me off.

my contrabution...

Most cell phones that I know of has caller ID of some type. If you missed a call it tells you. It even has a way of seeing who called and at what time! Knowing this....why do people insist on leaving a message that says "Hey! Call me back when you get this message." When I see that you called and left no message then I will call you back. If no call back is needed and you just want to share info with me then leave a blasted message and tell me in that! I hate calling my VM just to hear you tell me to call you back. It gets annoying!!!

October 2014

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