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Blech, blech, blech

Ranting about being sick... since it never seems to end.

I so hate getting sick, it seems to last forever. Technically
in this case it was two different things but still they suck
worse when its back to back. So if I've been moody or a pain
in your ass in the last two weeks I blame it on the exhaustion
from being sick and sleeping like crap.

First I got the flu, should have know it was coming after Derek
had it pretty thoroughly, but still it took days to hit me so I
thought I had missed it. Nope instead it just waited to hit me
on my birthday. I mean it was a nice birthday and such, but I'd
rather have a good excuse like drinking too much for having to
stay home the next two days. Similar symptoms just a better story
usually, no such luck.

So I make it through that and the aftermath, including passing it
on to Lisa, only to turn around the next week and get a damn'd
toothache, and not just a cavity or such a full blown infection.
I know that 'cause it happened last summer while I was out of town
on vacation too, such fun. So my weekend was a nice mix of self-
medicating with antibiotics, two kinds (first one wasn't strong
enough), advil to reduce swelling and a cocktail of vicodin and
liquor to dull the pain (made for a fun Friday night, if a bit

It is subsiding but its slow. I will probably try and get to the
dentist on Monday or Tuesday, just not looking forward to it. I
can think of so many better ways to blow like $1,200, and that's
with the insurance. Damn'd rotten teeth.

Okay, enough whining. Back to life as we know it.
Hope everyone else's worlds are fairly intact, I will try to check
in when my head is on straight again.
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Argh! Teeth are expensive when they decide to turn against you. I once dropped $2000 by going in once a week for about 2 months while they drilled away at my face. Not good.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

October 2014

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