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Freeze Frame

Okay, at some point the in not so distant past I was talk with someone about the vanity cards after an oft funny sitcom name Two and a Half Men. Yes I said it was funny, my opinion, bite me.
For those that have never seen these vanity cards, which is a one page screen that airs at the end of the show as part of the producers credit, they are basically a quick commentary or such on some point of rumination on the part of the producer. Well it seems for various reasons he was asked not to air the most recent one (#155), and commented that it could be found elsewhere. hint, hint, wink, nudge.
So of course I turned to the web and found it quite directly posted on his site, along with ALL of his past ones. Yes all the random comments and thoughts he'd snuck into one page of each episode are archived right there, all the way back to Dharma & Greg #1. And in nice simple text, since even with the modern convenient pause button, its still much easier to read on the computer.
Again I know most of you won't care, but I'm sure someone on my list will recall the conversation, if not more than one who might have an interest in these little pieces of history.
I am so amused by the simple things at times.

Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards


Not part of that conversation. Still grateful.

I love the vanity cards! Thanks for the link!

Shame there isn't an RSS feed. I'd love to just have the latest one show up on my LJ friends page.... =)
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October 2014

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