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Six Facts Meme

Okay, because I was tagged twice as far as I know.
So you can blame this on isle_of_woman and bigevil

Why is it six facts? Anyone know?

  1. I don't like fortune cookies, I usually won't take one unless I have to. If I must have one then I will wait and take the last one on the tray so that I'm not forced to pick which one should be mine.
  2. I'm an excellent speller. Sure most people know I'm a math geek, but I was also doing spelling bees in 3rd & 4th grade (3rd place citywide finals, go me). Honestly don't recall why I stopped, maybe 'cause I hated my 6th grade teacher for making me do book reports.
  3. I can't stand a poorly organized dishwasher, there is almost always space to fit a few more things in, even if it requires moving a dozen things around first.
  4. I'm a music junkie, I have horrible taste in music and will listen to almost everything. I used to say I would listen to anything "but country" but even there I've made exceptions.
  5. My favorite things to collect are boxes and blank books. More often than not I will get them simply because of how they look and never have a real use for them except to just look interesting. Most of my boxes eventually hold something, but quite often its other boxes.
  6. I have bouts of kleptomania. I have on occasion shoplifted something I could perfectly well afford just for the thrill. In fact one time it was a box hidden inside another box I was buying. Sometimes its just something small out of a workmates office or such, like a pretty pen or such, nothing one of a kind that'll be missed.
  7. I don't like to follow rules, I usually only do it to try and be a good role model.

And now on to the tagging...

dragonpookie who somehow hasn't been hit by anyone yet
shingkhor since she might need a distraction when she's not so busy
missamay 'cause I miss her and she doesn't post nearly enough
tommyomeage since he's funky
dorothy_of_oz 'cause I'm not brave enough to try tagging ideaspace again
zarhooie just to see if she's reading and 'cause it'll spread this virus outside my local friends circle.

And with that my work here is done.


I have an allergic reaction to pressure.
Which is why you'll make it far in the comic business! The later you are, the better you are! It's like a high-class party!

That's one weird habit/thing...now you just need five more....
It's six facts to honor me. 6sixofswords6. Why else?

October 2014

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