Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Insomnia strikes again

It's Saturday and I'm at home, bored.
I should sleep, but I'll never get used to going to bed when I don't particularly feel tired.
I had hoped to go the Pirate Night in Long Beach but by the time 8pm rolled around I was too stiff and sore to bother to go, had spent five hours working on projects around the house and my body was feeling the effects.

I miss my big screen, I could easily kill a couple hours with that but its still in the shop, and as such I have yet to watch 40 year old virgin or a handful of other things I've gotten recently.
I could have probably gone out with someone to a strip club but I didn't know until the last minute and wasn't smart enough to jump at the excuse to go out, besides my wallet would hate me in the morning.

I guess I'm just bored with the routine a bit right now, which is stupid cause things are gonna be nuts soon and I should enjoy any quiet time I get while I can. What I really want is an excuse for some change in life or just an opportunity to follow through on one or two things I've been putting off for awhile.

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do when court goes into Summer season after this week, since as much as I believe things should take a break and the every 3rd week schedule is best, I'm so used to going weekly now I will have about a dozen Thursday this summer with nothing to distract me really. And even the tv shows will be reruns by then.
Some summers its not an issue since I've got family arrangements like vacation travel, but I think this year will be less so since Lisa's having the baby right in the early part (aiming for 7/4).

I know I should be ecstatic about how good my life is, with my lovely wife, two healthy kids and a third on the horizon, a great girlfriend nearby who can't seem to get enough of me and tons of friends near and far that seem to care for me more than I'll ever understand. So why am I whining in my head right now?
I mean I should be looking forward to things like going to Potrero in two weeks, which I think I can pull off, but right now it just seems like more to deal with while not being able to visualize the positive of the enjoying being there.

Maybe its just physical, I really should get back to the gym, I've been away for months now and while I had plateaued then I might do better now and burn away this funk. At worst it would burn of some calories from drinking last weekend, and most of the others recently.

Well there's no catharsis from this rant, but its out there for my own good and maybe it'll push me towards something sooner than otherwise.
It's now Sunday as I've crept over the Midnight barrier and will probably go snack and whatever to distract myself until I'm ready for sleep.

And say Happy Mother's Day to a Mom, even if you don't have one yourself, or one you would admit to.
Tags: insomnia, whine

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