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Living Vicariously

Ohh, and a seperate note that I was reminded of in thinking of Potrero,
Thalia, when you finally make it back to the mundane reality I'm expecting to hear how 40th went, all the slutty details and what not.

x-posted to her email since she's gonna have a metric shitload of friends list to catch up on as she's been gone for like 10 days, how cool is that.


:blinks: Am I supposed to be seeing something or have I gone totally mad? lol, don't answer that. I'm totally jealous of Protrero, btw, BUT my newest batch of friends (more on that in later entry) trip down to Estrella every year and are threatening to bring me along in 07. :D:D:D

And thank you for emailing this to me, too; I don't dare touch my friends list until I'm done with my homework. :eyes huge pile: Eeeeeh.
I was just prodding for some details on who your trip out to Antir's 40th year celebration went. Very cool to hear you might be Estrella bound, though I don't know why you'd be so much jealous of Potrero which is basically a long weekend if that compared to the 10 day event you were at,
unless of course its the fact that you miss us all down here? :P
Details? I haven't even unpacked yet! And I have loads of homework and class tonight, so who knows. I uploaded a couple pictures this morning, and will get around to doing a full report hopefully in the next few days... ^^

Weirdly enough :P yes, I miss you people and really, REALLY want to go to some SCA things with you. It's like a four day mele+norms. :D:D:D

October 2014

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