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Now if I could just figure out what my goals are...

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It's Thursday and my boss isn't in today, I'm stuck wait for computers to do stuff that takes forever, so I'm totally not motivated to get a damn thing done today. I've already caught up on all my mail and blog reading and whatnot and its only been 2 hours. I've got 5 hours of nothing specific to do, probably keep plodding through lists of baby names, running out of time to pick.
I want a raise so I can feel like I'm paid enough to do all the work that sits in my queue, as it is now I feel so ripped off that I only do the necessary and push the rest aside until it comes up at a later date.
I shouldn't complain since in general I've got it good, but after 7 years doing the same thing all the time I'm just fried.
And its summer so I can't even look forward to court this evening as a distraction as its on off week.
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Summer Court Sucks.

I was just talking to somebody about that the other day...it used to be that we had Summer Court less frequently because a lot of people were out of town, or were burnt out and needed a break. These days, however, most of us don't go anywhere over the summer, and many of us sit around Jonesing for Court on the off-weeks. I can't help but think of my first summer in AOKP: there was more stuff going on in Court that summer than there was during the year! Page-Turning is wonderful, but it makes it so hard to focus on doing other stuff. Summer is the perfect chance for us to do that. We should have Summer Court every week.

Re: Summer Court Sucks.

we should at least have *something* every week, whether it be game night, or mini-golf, or a movie, or whatever...

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