Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Back from the Grave

... or at least that's what if feels like.
I don't exactly post much to begin with, yeah not much
of a talker here, but the last week and a half I feel
like I've fallen off the map.

Guess that's what happens when I get sick one weekend
and follow that a couple days later with a tooth ache
and infection. Neither of which normally takes me out
too bad thanks to lovely vicodin, but when you throw
in a raging fever now I'm on my ass. Enjoyed the two
days at home to veg last week, but missed doing stuff
like court and such.

Obviously I'll live with it, now I just have to face
the inevitable and go deal with the dentist, which I
expect to be both expensive and painful. I REALLY
don't like the dentist, never have, hence why I avoided
dealing with this before.

And I'm sitting at work, its totally quiet and I've got
nothing to do, at least nothing that's ASAP and isn't
already happening. And I really don't feel like tackling
any of the big long term projects, which I'm avoiding
as much as the dentist. And with this quiet time I
simply can't think of anything fun to do online even,
blarg, Teh IntraWeb Wins Me!

Random note of the day:
Nintendo was once a brand of 'love hotels' in Japan before
changing their niche to become a video game system manufacturer.*

Japanese love hotels are hotels that are available for short
periods of time for couples but are often used for prostitution.
Nintendo was a chain of such hotels in the mid-20th century before
becoming the video game giant they are today.

* - Though it was only a side business attempt, diversification,
originally they made playing cards.

From: - online trivia game (one of the ways I tried to
distract myself)
Tags: bored, sick

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