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No urban legend here

Well I had a busy weekend, all in all pretty good, lots of time to spend with friends and family. I won't go into details, since if you were there you already know the story and otherwise your loss, and its off tangent anyway.

What I am posting about is the well founded dangers of modern video games, specifically in the form of the Nintendo Wii, also known as screen damage

What you see there is a crack in my 53" big screen, for reference sake the size of that crack is roughly 9" across at the top and 9" tall at the lowest point. So while the TV is still usable, I think I will start looking into something new for Santa to bring this year.

And if anyone had a guess, yes the game in question was Bowling, and the culprit was the lovely Carrie who was helping Auntie Sarah watch the boys and felt horribly guilty for it.

Okay, I should be sleeping now, have to work tomorrow, will see how that goes.


Holy Moley!
Ahh, so the guilty party did come forward after all? Or was she ferreted out?


Oooh. Damn.
Oooh. Damn.
I'm really surprised nobody has made a lanyard or "dummy cord" for the Wii controller yet...this seems to be a pretty common occurance.
I know they did, at least in Japan. Had to re-manufacture them because they originally made them too big. In the U.S., I don't know if they do but from some limited pics I've seen, it comes with one, but it helps to use it.
Yeah, they do come with lanyards, even the heavier ones that came out after the first couple months of snapped ones, but often times they don't get put on, or they slip off anyway. Funniest though is there are at least one or two games where you're expected to hand-off the controller to another player rapidly, so wearing it then is impossible.
Maybe... maybe I'll hold off on that Wii purchase after all...

I am SO glad that never happened on my watch! But I have seen the horrors of the flying Wii controller at the Brown household firsthand.

I didn't know whether to whince or laugh...
*wince* Eeep...

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