Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
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Dance with Me

Music Meme Thing...
brought around by sailorzelda and shironiku

Here's the deal. I know how tempting it is to cheat to get the perfect song for each subject but how fun is that really? It's not. Just open your music player and put it on shuffle. First song that plays is the one you put down. Easy as pie.

Opening Credits: “Theme Song from Austin Powers”

Waking Up Scene: “Wait For You (Song For the Ocean) feat. Victoria Horn” – Armin Van Buuren

Car Driving Scene: “Open Road Song” – Eve 6

High School Flashback Scene: “Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)” – Nine Inch Nails

Nostalgic Scene: “Touched By The Hand Of God” – New Order

Bitter, Angry Scene: “Promis” – The Orb

Break-up Scene: “A Logical End” – The Sleep of Reason

Regret Scene: “Precious” – Depeche Mode

Nightclub/Bar Scene: “Shattered Dreams” – Johnny Hates Jazz

Fight/Action Scene: “Exodus” - Evanescence

Lawn Mowing Scene: “L.A. Girl” – The Distillers

Sad, Breakdown Scene: “Find The Way” - Ron Van Den Beuken

Death Scene: “Dirty Magic” – The Offspring

Funeral Scene: “Illegal Search” – LL Cool J

Dreaming About Someone Scene: “Fire Wire” – Cosmic Gate

Contemplation Scene: “Procession” – New Order

Chase Scene: “Black Door” – Dead Girls Corp.

Happy Love Scene: “Dancing in Berlin [Astralasia Mix]” – Berlin

Happy Friend Scene: “Baby Blue” – Aimee Mann

Closing Credits: “Emeraldine” – Corrine Bailey Rae

We'll see if this works... Listen to My Soundtrack

Tags: meme, music

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