Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
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Friends quiz meme

Its Friday and everyone else posted one so why not.

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) How many monkeys could rustedsigns fight at once and win against? I think she'd be afraid of fighting monkeys
2) Has fuzzygondol dyed their hair? yep, at least once
3) Would davidwoolery and necrolemur make a good couple? No, I couldn't see that
4) Is silentmus a high school student? Not in quite awhile
5) Could you see lord_colin and alisnwonderland together? No I think she'd flinch at the age difference
6) Would you make out with missamay? I would probably if she were around
7) What planet should rosaleendhu be from? Planet Manga
8) Is fuzzygondol friends with 0x0y0z? Don't think they've met really
9) Is rosaleendhu in a relationship? Yep, seems so
10) How tall is shironiku? 'round 6 foot I think, or near enough
11) Do you think tommyomega is hot? he's got a sexy vibe yeah
12) ka0's eye color? brown I think
13) What is rustedsigns's favorite band/artist? Pearl Jam, no question
14) What would you do if you found out speedball has a crush on you? double take
15) What do you agree with shingkhor about? Drink early, drink often
16) What flavor of jello would jzwondering be? Vodka shots
17) What word best describes ka0? subtle
18) Would you set up ideaspace and ardanach? No, that would get messy
19) What is alisnwonderland's favorite movie? something disney, maybe Cinderella
20) How long have you known shironiku? Hmm, maybe 8 years now
21) Is eowyn42 related to you? nope
22) What would you do if o_gatinho died? be surprised
23) Is steppyb a nerd? ehh, sorta
24) Is speedball 1337? not that I know of
25) If ernoldsame were hanging off a cliff, what would technomonkey do? I'm guessing the right thing
26) What is sportsjunkie's favorite color? ehh, go with blue
27) Is fuzzygondol athletic? she's not the sporty type
28) Does theatrebugld travel a lot? She's travelled, but probably not a lot
29) Does ernoldsame go to your school? not in awhile
30) Where was technomonkey born? hmm, not sure SoCal I'd guess
31) Would silverlily81 go out with thalialunacy? maybe to the H.P. meetup
32) When did you last call shironiku? heh, yesterday but my phone has a mind of its own
33) If ernoldsame was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? pop diva
34) Have you flirted with tmesis? hmm, not so much
35) Has dragonpookie been to your house/dorm? I think so
36) Have you ever dated eowyn42? nope
37) Is technomonkey popular? I wouldn't jump to that word
38) How long would teacherriki dating tmesis last? about 3 guilt ridden months maybe
39) What animal does jzwondering remind you of? He's some sorta bear
40) What is writingrose's biggest flaw? Maybe attitude, or that not driving thing
41) What mental disorder does shingkhor remind you of? hypomania
42) Is isle_of_woman dead sexy? She's a hot mama
43) Did snstvstle90zguy break up with you? Nope, it was a mutual decision. j.k.
44) What comic book character would jzwondering be? The Joker
45) What animal should sportsjunkie be combined with? Lets go with Orangutang, since I know he won't read this
46) What rank would rustedsigns have in a giant robot army? Interpretor
47) How would zarhooie conquer the world? Llama army
48) Which president would sportsjunkie be likely to idolize? ehh, whichever one could balance the budget
49) Is ernoldsame a college student? nope, I think he finished up with taking classes
50) What is shironiku's favorite food? DENNY'S!!!!! not!
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