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Weird World Web...

Part 2

Okay, I try to think creatively, but this is odd even for me.
That Guy: Get boiling...


WTF? *raises eyebrow* strange indeed...

Meh, silly.

It's a style of humour I got tired of in high school; "hey wow, let's think of something random, and make much of how it's the kinkiest thing ever"

I believe that my clique's claim was that the kinkiest materials know to man were a can of chili and a bicycle pump. There was much discussion of whether Hormel or Van DeCamp's was the best. The general consensus was that the firmer beans of the Hormel really improved the experience, but there were those who did hold the opposite opinion -- some people are just weird I guess. Van De Camp's is just gross.

This running gag had a compound punchline; any possible discussion of HOW to use these materials was completely squelched. It was widely know that the can was actually a necessary part of the process, etc.

I've since seen weirder s--- than the pasta thing. In person. It was neither particularly disgusting (Why is disgusting always the default assumption people have about sex? That bugs me no end. But this parentheses is about FAQs, not Reasonable-to-Ask-Questions.), nor was it at all alluring to me.

But by and large taking some random object and pretending it's a burgeoning fetish community is fairly rude to people who are probably already pretty self-conscious and lonely.

This is not a gripe about you lqc, because I know you are an accepting guy, but this author has me a little annoyed.

Re: Meh, silly.

I honestly couldn't tell if the article was serious or tongue-in-cheek, but it was definitely random.

And personally I'm one for Stagg Chili.

October 2014

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