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Zombies beware

Despite the fact that I have absolutely no need for a gun part of me really wants one of these just to say I'm ready for when the zombie apocolypse comes.

Clip from Future Weapons on AA-12 Auto Assault shotgun
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It's a neat gun, but I wouldn't use it against zombies. Buckshot doesn't have the penetration power needed to take out the brain, and if you're going to use solid rounds with it, just get a more accurate weapon with a bigger ammo capacity; a 32-round drum is not that impressive when you consider that most standard assault rifle cartidges carry that much if not more these days. Get yourself an M-16 with a 100-round drum, set it to single shot, and you'll be set.
Perhaps, but more shots aren't always better, yes the rifle will give you more range, but with the M-16 the cartridge weight of 12g but only 4g of that is projectile, so for 100 rounds you're carrying around close to 3lbs of weight, less than 1lb of which is going to impact the target.

Compare that to 20 shells of 12 gauge, 00 buck, 9 balls of .33" diameter
at 1 1/8oz lead per cartridge. So a 20 round drum will unload 1.4lbs
of lead out of a 2lbs of shells. Fewer shots, but at close range I think it would have more stopping power. Guess it depends on lot on what sorta terrain you're in.

I think the M-16 is the right choice when you've got some distance, like over the mall balcony or from a rooftop - but I can see this AA-12 being exactly the right tool when you're in the middle of the parking lot being swarmed on all sides. That rapid rate of fire and low recoil mean you can cut a path in any direction you like. Yeah, it won't put them down permanently, but it'll dig you a few more minutes of mobility. Also good for firing down zombie-packed hallways.

Does This Badboy Fire Slugs?

Shotgun Slugs + Zombie skulls = Canoe.

What I don't like is that this gun is great for close combat, but size of it makes it risky.

Still a fan of the M32 Grenade Launcher, H&K MP7A1, and the Kriss Super V, but gotta admit this toy can be good for them zombies.
Always been a fan of the auto-shotgun. The Benalli and Franchi stuff, the legendary SPAS-12. Recoil's a bitch though. Seems like they really padded and stablized this baby though. I like. They've had to because every time I've fired a shotgun it done near dislocated my shoulder. Course, haven't shot one since I was a teenager.

For close in combat with zombies, I think you gotta' go with the shotgun. It has the best stopping power and can vaporize limbs, heads, and the beauty of buckshot is that you don't have to be so accurate as it's a spread effect. Theres a reason why most urban combat units use shotguns for breaching. And when you can pump it out in auto... *drool* Plus I think the recoil and spread would help conserve rounds in the longrun unless you were really good at the 3-round burst or hella' disciplined with an auto or semi-auto rifle or sub mach.

Still... if you've let the zombies get to close range, you've already lost.

You seriously want to deal with the buggers at long ranger. Maybe an M-16 or AK-74 with 1-round, 3-round, and semi-auto settings. An assault rifle would be your best marriage of stoppage and range.

Or you know... nuke them from orbit.

Either way... I really have spent too much time here thinking about zombies and killin' em.

October 2014

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