Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Ohh, the holidays

Happy Merry Smishmash Everyone! Hope everyone is relatively healthy and happy and stays that way.

So things are getting into full swing for the holidays around here, we did the holiday dinner at the local grandfolks on Sunday, it was excellent, I can never understand why latkes are typically a once a year food, unless its just that we'd all get fat as cows.

Things are revving up further with L's birthday today, I'm putting together some sorta feast tomorrow (yeah I work well under pressure), L heads out Friday on her weekend cruise and I'm watching kids, Saturday is a soccer filled frenzy followed by lots of pizza parties (for future parents, multiple kids in soccer or whatever at the same times expands the chaos in exponential degrees), then we start the countdown to end of school, holiday break & more presents. And to top it off I'm sure I need to send gifts to someone, can't recall who all, but at least my Grandmother, running out of time. Where do I get off this ride?

So yeah, consider this notice that my personal life is pretty much on hold, if some fun event comes up I will do my best to make it but life is just too busy it seems. Thankfully I got a couple of nights last week with just grownup time. I will make it, I can do this, cause I'm the Jauggernaut, bitch!

And for the daily bit of humor, the annual M-Law Wacky Warnings awards
Tags: holidays, life

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