Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Just in time for the holidays

Okay all, I'm still alive. T-7 hours 'til I'm done with work and herding my kids for then next 3 days, fortunately I'm not watching 'em non-stop, but there is a lot going on so will be busy.

Finished my feast for court last night, pretty much went off without a hitch. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it, suggestions for improvement always welcome. I feel like I was missing a side dish, maybe some yams marinated in honey and brown sugar sauce to just throw the carb / sugar meter off the charts.

And now back to the holiday stuff, still shopping, probably too much stuff already but hey I usually don't know when to stop. For those into Star Wars and toys, check out these missing action figures that are beyond rare.
Now that would be quite the stocking stuffer for a devoted fan.

Have a good weekend, see you all on the other side.
Tags: holiday, humor, star wars

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