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Cat say Durrr

On the eve of the election

Okay, it's just the eve of the primary and just in some states of course, but still it might end up being important. So to any of my more right-wing leaning, republican registered friends, please watch this and consider, do you want your next president to be this out of touch with todays world?


In conclusion, two of the four candidates couldn't answer a simple straight-forward question about their favorite movie OF THIS YEAR, instead twisting it to favorite movie of all time. If that wasn't bad enough the same two pick movies from OVER 50 YEARS AGO. Obviously in the long run this might not matter, but on the other hand I'm sure I'd never vote for a president who can't even find the time to learn to check his own email.

That is all.


Okay... here's the thing.

Running for president is nearly a 24/7/52 job. I'm not surprised the candidates didn't get to the movie theater or a Blockbuster this year. They've been busy. I'll bet that if the same questions were posed to Senators Clinton and Obama, former Senator Edwards, and any other serious candidate of any political affiliation, you'll find they were similarly busy.

And you find me ten 72-year-old men who do check their email. He's got staff for that.

At least this "journalist" actually interviewed all four Republican candidates, rather than just two or three. During the debates, Ron Paul gets less than 10% of the question time, rather than 20–25% (with 4 or 5 five candidates).

Polls open in 7 hours 14 minutes. I'll be voting for Ron Paul.
From what little I know of the Republican options I think Ron Paul is probably who I would choose, assuming I didn't mind wasting a vote. But its the primaries so not that it really matters.

Honestly I have no issue with the premise that they haven't seen a movie, considering I've only found time to see maybe two this last year I can relate. The mistake of question evading just rubbed me the wrong way, the same way it would if say I was asking a potential employee about their resume skills. I would have been much happier if someone simply stuck with the straight forward, I don't think I saw anything this year answer and left it at that rather than pulling out Casablanca as an answer. Seriously a man who wasn't born until '55 in those 52+ years can't find one movie that he likes better than Casablanca which predates him by over a dozen years.

I guess my issue is just the concept of the person running this nation knowning a little something about the people that are in it, how can anyone that doesn't know how to use email, and admits it, really understand how Microsoft or Google are affecting the current US economy as an example. I'm definitely not saying the Democratic candidates are necessarily any better, I'm sure they've got flaws too.

It's all topsy-turvy anyhow, considering for decades the GOP has nagged about Democrats being out of control on government spending yet its G.W. that just proposed a giant 3 trillion dollar budget. I'm guessing he knows there's no chance of it passing like that, but like a realtor in a buyers market I think he's hoping that by padding it thicker that a pastrami it'll still end up rather sizable after they cut out some of the extra fat.
Woah, politicians giving vague and evasive answers? Stop the presses! :P

Seriously, I could not watch more than 10 minutes of the Democratic debate last week. It was so frustrating to see question after question lobbed at them and every answer the same, rambling, inconclusive bullshit. If I was Wolf Blitzer, I would have leapt over my podium, grabbed Obama (or Clinton) by the shoulders, and shaked him like a British nanny while screaming "YES OR NO!" over and over again in his face.
My assumption is that when a candidate for public office gets asked a question about tastes in movies or music, the voice in their earpiece is telling them to make sure they select something which imparts the right message. What movie would appeal to their 'base'? How can they turn it into another opportunity to stay on message? I would expect McCain to vote for '300', since he's all about killing some Persians.

I like the fact that Ron Paul has been consistently against the illegal invasion of Iraq, but that's the only part of his platform that I like. Paul is basically a 'populist' version of Grover Norquist, wanting to shrink government "down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub". Say farewell to Social Security, minimum wage laws, the Department of Education. Furthermore, his bid to overturn Roe vs Wade, denial of Evolution, opposition to stem cell research, and vote to ban gay adoptions are all unacceptable to me.

The only candidate in this year's race whose positions came close to mine was Kuchinich...but, ya know, I have those wacky Soviet Canuckistan ideas. It's no surprise that he was ignored and then quickly hustled off the stage.
Wacky Soviet ideas... yeah, I get that s--- a lot too.
I'm sure Ron Paul's history has plenty of things I would disagree with, I was just saying of the Republicans running I would be most likely to lean towards him. I am voting Democrat as usual, because while I disagree with many things they do they're still the closest candidates that I see actually making it into the office. I don't know enough about Kuchinich to say if he'd fit my views, but again I succumb to the system in that I don't bother to find out if I feel my vote would be wasted on someone that won't get nominated by the party. Personally I think the whole two party thing is flawed and don't put much faith in the system anyway as long as it remains quagmired in this routine.


I understand your opinion about 'vote wasting', but I figure "hey, it's a democracy - vote for the candidate who's stances match your own." If everyone actually did that, 'fringe' candidates would win every time. Well, assuming that Diebold wasn't counting the votes.
Whoops...that last post was mine. Forgot to log in!
The second half of the Ron Paul bit... I think that might be Huckabee. Well, it is Huckabee, I'm just not sure its Paul. Paul's a Libretarian playing Republican so he'll get on the ballot. Huckabee is a scary mother fucker and I am so glad Iowa appears to be a fluke.
Hee hee, McCain and 300... that's good.

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