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I knew it, I knew it

Their finding: Having the entire state switch to daylight-saving time each year, rather than stay on standard time, costs Indiana households an additional $8.6 million in electricity bills. They conclude that the reduced cost of lighting in afternoons during daylight-saving time is more than offset by the higher air-conditioning costs on hot afternoons and increased heating costs on cool mornings.

I had made a similar argument to one or more people, can't recall who, a few years back when they were pushing through the change to EXTEND daylight savings time to where it is now. Next Sunday is the changeover this year, through to November, yes we spend 2/3rds of the year out of sync with reality.

The primary argument I had for this conclusion was seemingly simple in my mind if not blatantly obvious, but I guess I'm not running the government machine. Notice the rising global temperatures and the increased use of indoor cooling, specifically high cost A/C, over the last 50 years or more. If you've ever come home from work between 5 and 6 in summer to an uncomfortably warm home that required extra cooling you already know what I mean. Then realize if DST wasn't in effect you would actually get home later by 1 physical hour, having given the house more chance to cool naturally.
Combine that with simple observations:
The need to use more lighting in the AM as most people can't wait for the sun to rise to start their day
Few individuals I know use less lighting indoors in the evening just because its slightly brighter outdoors for an hour
Unfortunately fewer and fewer houses are cooled by non-electric means (which I can't argue with, with crime rates and such I'd be uncomfortable leaving windows open during the day).

It all adds up? Now how to convince the higher ups? Any suggestions?

Full article here
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