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I made it so far

Well, its official, I made it through my birthday, I'm now definitely 35. Seems I've hit midlife and didn't even know it. Yeah I know some will say that midlife doesn't start 'til 40 (or 50), but screw it, the only major difference I can see will probably be longer sentence at the same job and teenage kids. And the men in my family don't live forever, so I figure 35 is midlife if I make it to 70 give or take. And I'm already ahead of the curve on most things like the 3 kids and marriage. *waves to jzwondering and Rick in AZ*

So now what the hell am I supposed to do different? I can't exactly get more lecherous, and if I chased anything younger I'd get put in jail for it. I don't do sports cars, besides if I got a convertible I'd probably just loose my hair faster from the wind. What other stereotypes should I watch out for? Maybe I should finally get that tattoo.

Ah, well I guess I'm just gonna have to enjoy what I got and wait to see what happens at 40. Or maybe I'll go watch American Beauty instead. Love you guys, thanks for reading.
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Happy Birthday

I vote for tattoo!
I second the tattoo. In fact, we should go on my birthday and get 'em. That doesn't sound too gay, does it?
I wouldn't worry about the tattoo buddies thing; Some guys I knew in the Army went together to get theirs, and some of them still liked girls afterwards.

Doesn't matter, anyway...think I'll go with an earring instead. 'cause, y'know, that's less gay.
Happy Birthday!! Lots of love and hugs to you! And sweat it not, 35 is the new 25. Hope to see you soon. Tonight? XOXO
Happy Birthday! And don't worry; you're only as old as you act!
Nah, I didn't flip out until I was 39-1/2 ish. The birthdays are a convenient time to note what you do/don't want to get done before you die, but the "Holy Shit! I'd better [X] while I still can!" bug can strike at any time.

And it can get ugly. You might ask me or Jody about mine, but be sure you're wearing a seatbelt.
Happy Birthday, Dear Husband. I hope our Wife made it extra special for you.

I agree with the tattoo if it's something you've thought long and hard about. Do you have a design in mind?

Or you can hire a fitness trainer for 6 months and see what pumping iron every day does to you. Just for kicks.

And I agree with Jojo, 35 is the new 25. that's why I'm enjoying being 22. :)

Have a lovely weekend. Love and kisses!

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