Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Oww! Oww! Oww!

(Follow up to last weeks post about getting old and whatnot.)

Yep, definitely feeling old in some ways. After a slow start and distractions with nerf crossbows (my fault), we had a fairly vigorous melee last night. I tried out a new sword, someone brought out the trollaxe and it was used, and so on.
Only now I'm really feeling it, despite a good shortish nights sleep and some ibuprofen. It just
occurred to me that I know why my lats hurt so bad, someone(s) convincing me into three rounds of trollaxe in-a-row. Yep those are some underused muscles thanks to my avoidance of the gym lately.
At least the charlie horse limp I had last night went away with sleep, but still gonna have actually consider warm-ups and stretching next week before running people down with gut shots.
Tags: aches and pains, old

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