Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Politics Blech

So I'm getting around to my morning reading (yes, slow start on the day, blame work for no sleep this week). And I see an article on Clinton (Mrs not the ex-Pres) and her continued campaigning.
The title is

Clinton presses on, urges supporters to ignore calls to quit

And I realize, how is this not, in many ways, just like Bush's persistence to continue on with the frackin' war he started? (And yes I know its not as serious, but overlooking that detail.) It just nailed home for me how similar the politicians can be, despite which of the party labels they pin to their lapel. I mean I know persistence is in many ways a quality personality trait, but blindly pushing forward to the point of obstinance is not. That's just arrogant, trust me I know, I'm equally guilty of it at times. Maybe I missed my calling, politics. This doesn't change who I was going to vote for, if anything it just reminds me why I'd like to vote in a little change into the system, hope it pans out in the end.
Tags: politics

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