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Lightning Hits Airliner

Family update

 Those of you that keep up with my wife's lj (pandoramianche) already probably know that she posted about having surgery later this month. We were waiting until timing worked out that we had my mother-in-law available to help.

 Unfortunately things got difficult again this afternoon and Lisa left work early to rest, she's feeling much better now and is back off to bed for a full nights sleep. But she's also decided to move the surgery back up to a week from Monday, the 18th. Her mom has already canceled plans to also be available and I'm sure I'll ask for some help from close by friends with time to spare.

 So if you know Lisa, or even if you don't but feel supportive, think positive thoughts since even basic neurosurgery or whatever this is exactly is still a bit messy. And if I'm a bit tense for the next X number of weeks, deal with it, it'll pass, there's only so much mellow I can manage to muster sometimes.

 And thanks to my friends and paramours for helping to distract me and deal with the minor chaos involved so far. The kids and I had fun at the park tonight just keeping our minds busy instead of worrying too much without out any useful outlet.


Now that M's surgery is done I will focus all my long distance love and good wishes on our Wife getting through this.

My love is with you and the kids and Wifey
I am there. Anything. I am there.
This is getting scary! We just saw Lisa this AM... We know things will work out, she will get the best care and will be feeling better. We love you all and will do whatever we can to help - just ask. *hugs*

Yeah, if there's anything I can do just let me know.
*more hugs than you can stand*
I'm around if you need to talk. <3 Take care and bestest thoughts your way.
You know I have all the free time ever, so if anything needs done, just let me know.
If there's anything I can do, I'm really never that far away. *lots of hugs to you guys*
I shall keep you all in my thoughts, and I give blessings to you.
give lisa my love
I'll do anything of which I am capable. Just say the word.
Will think strong positive thoughts. Thank you for the update.

October 2014

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