Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Welcome to a world of chaos

Well as I previously posted things are already kinda nuts and overwhelming with Lisa's condition and upcoming surgery. Apparently some power that be decided to kicks us while we were down.

Not wanting to be left out of the excitement, our youngest Ronan at the challenging age of 2 decided to try a diet of spare change last night. Unfortunately this time it seems he managed to actually swallow one. You can guess where this is headed. Despite a full body inversion and other efforts that coin was long gone.

Long story short, no choking, ate dinner, slept. Begin excitement, woke up middle of the night having tossed it all back up, Lisa took him to ER, xray shows a quarter inside, he starts to feel better but more juice gets rejected right away and were back in ER right after leaving. So as of 6am the rugrat and mom ride ambulance to CHOC Childrens hospital. Now have spent the next 7 hours of the day doing xrays and meds and watching to see if a quarter will get through a 2 year old without direct assistance.

And I'm running on like zero sleep. So how is everyone elses day going? At least I'm not stuck at work. Sorry for no direct contact with folks but completely lacking energy for conversation. Unlike Ronan who has lapped the hospital dozens of times today.

Will update everyone further when we manage to escape finally with a fixed up kid *crosses fingers*

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