Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Update from the front

So as a few already know, life has become chaotic again. Last week was doing good, with kids starting back at school. Lisa (aka pandoramianche) finally saw her neurologist for a checkup and got the stitches out. Unfortunately things went downhill after that. She cut back on some meds only to have the headaches kick in harder than ever. After fighting it for days with almost no energy even from sitting up we ended up in the ER Saturday. They started her on strong painkillers to fight the headache from hell, but she's still hurting and nauseous from the pain. And hasn't kept anything more than water down for the last day. Thus far they haven't decided what action to take next so its a lousy waiting game while she tries to sleep and rest in the hospital despite the pain. Wish her luck and hope the docs manage to find a more brilliant solution than the current lack of plan.
And thanks out to R, A & C for helping watch rugrats for me this weekend. I'm too lazy to email everyone else now so feel free to pass on info to non-LJ individuals that would like to know.

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