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Two steps forward, three steps back and something else crappy

So its official, just waiting on a time and date. My Lisa (forgive the possessive tone, I'm tired), aka pandoramianche, is going back under the knife this week. She survived the weekend in the hospital on generous doses of pain killers and steroids for the headache from hell.
Seems the cause of this discomfort is her brain is settling and blocking off flow to the spine, or some such medical gibberish. Translation, VERY serious, bad, Bad, BAD. So they will go back in and put in some sorta shunt, which I don't understand the mechanics of entirely, suffice to say it acts as a detour around the blockage. Not a pretty picture.
That's really all I know at this point. They don't even have a vague guess as to how long this will put her back in recovery or bed rest and home from work. So we will just wait and see and cross our fingers to know more hopefully by the end of the week.
God, should've order'd a double scotch to go with my lunch today. Yes, I'm worried and no that's not the best way to handle it, but some habits we pick up as children of alcoholics and occasionally revert to.


*HUGS* I'm so sorry honey... you know I am here for you and for lisa whatever you need, please don't hesitate to ask. And I love your kids and would be happy to babysit them anytime, even if you just need extra hands when you are home so you can get some rest. Just wish I could be there to help with mornings, since I know that's the worst time of day for you. *hugs* much love sweetie, let me know what I can do
give Lisa my love

October 2014

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