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Too Hot To Think

Forgive the lack of thought provoking or even mildly personal content in my LJ recently, it might happen again eventually. Maybe, if my brain weren't melting...

I chose to live in So Cal for lots of reasons, and lack of drastically (dangerously) cold weather is one of them. Saw enough snow and ice and whatnot just living in the Pacific Northwest growing up, yet alone somewhere like the Midwest or such.

However this Indian Summer / Global Warming thing is just getting ridiculous. Someone please check a Farmer's Almanac or something for me and make sure it really is the end of October, please?

Tues 10/28/08 1pm PST - That 93 in the bottom left there, yeah that's my house, really

I mean I love Halloween, costumes, dress up, candy etc. But it's like 80+ degrees in the early evening, I don't wanna be wearing barely anything, yet alone a costume, blech. And at work is just as bad, the A/C situation leaves my office warmer than most, hovering at 80 all day. Right now I kinda envy the handful of folks I know in the frigid (or at least cool-ish) north. *waves hi*

Okay, that is all, back to regular programming
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Yep...today was the first day of the season that I wore gloves (waves hi back).
Yeah, not to mention what this sort of weather does for allergies. I'd go for 20 degrees cooler weather and a pinch of humidity right now.
Strange, it's unseasonably cold here in the DC area. I've been wearing my winter coat for the past two days, and for a little while, snow was predicted in the forecast for tomorrow. O_o After a sunny weekend in LA with temps up to 90, it was a bit jarring coming off the plane from LA two days ago...
When I left this morning at 7:45, it was 28F. My whole face was frozen by the time I got to work.

So there, live vicariously. :P

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