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Jeez, took 'em long enough

Posting a link here in case anyone missed it, since it seems most places are giving it maybe two lines of space up front.

In the news today Bush effigy burned in anti-U.S. protest in Baghdad

Burn Mother-Fucker Burn.
After a grueling 8 YEARS he's finally on the way out, and despite their best attempts he did not get replaced by a clone. But that still doesn't fix how royally FUCKED UP things are around here. You think you live in a free country? I would dare anyone to get together a hundred or so of their closest friends and try to do something similar to what the Iraqis did today to Bush. I'd take bets that it would be shutdown by law enforcement on some bullshit technicality within an hour. Don't believe me look at what happened in WeHo last month.
And worse still, if the conservatives tried it similarly with the current President-elect, I'd bet all hell would break loose. I'm all for democracy and such, but seriously, does no one see the problem when voters are turned to sheep by mass media and worse yet fear voting, pushed by their party or their church or some other group to vote AGAINST things instead of for intelligent ideas.
There is no debate or communication among people anymore, a discussion is not one person saying this is why such-and-such is wrong and 'end of story'. You should all know that by now, considering that's exactly the bullshit Bush pulled so many of the recent years. If you can't even take the time to listen to one semi-intelligent or better friend (or enemy) who might have an opposing opinion on whatever topic is at hand, then you're not using logic, END OF STORY.
Fuck Mob Mentality, I vote for Anarchy.
Tags: people suck, politics

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