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Craptastic Timing

Last day of a four day holiday weekend and I'm up at 6am (after 4 hours sleep). Why do power outages always happen at the worst times. I mean I probably would've slept right through it, but the computers scream the second it all goes down, and the youngest son alone in the dark screamed soon after that. So now everyone is up, clothes are put on cause its too chilly to be out of bed in pjs or less. Dog gets walked by Lisa with a flashlight and spots at least one edge of the outage, East. So now her and kids are off in the car for a jaunt to the nearby donut store that should be open and lit. I'm too cold and tired to want to go out. And now just as I finish typing this out on my lifeline smartphone the whole house comes back alive after 45 minutes. So how goes everyone elses weekend?
Tags: holiday weekend, power outage

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