Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

It's Monday, I've survived work with minimal headache. And here are some random interesting links I found throughout the day, enjoy.

Great Excerpts from Obama's Audiobook, I think I might find a new ringtone in there.

Oddly Intelligent Commentary from of all places regarding the concept of Dunbar's number.

For the crafty/arty folks, a music video done entirely in custom pop-up book, though I like this song better.

You still couldn't get me to wear a tie to work, unless it was right after a funeral, but if I were to buy a tie, it'd be this one.

Less than a week until Estrella War trip, but the weather seems like it might suck. 'Cause of course it will wait until the weekend to rain, I hope they bought lots of hay to soak up the mud.

Ok folks, I'm outta here, have a good night.

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