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Rock On

Home again, home again

Survived another Estrella War, was quite the fun weekend. It was definitely cold (maybe not Northshields cold which I'm heard is extreme) but it was still pretty chilly, especially when one journeys to the privy at 3am with nothing but a cloak on.
I got to spend a lot of time with friends, drank around the fire, ate like a horse and was lucky to have a beautiful companion share my bed and help warm things up. Don't have to ask for more than that to keep this Caradoc happy. One of these years I might actually be productive and take a class even, but somehow I keep getting distracted, I blame the demon rum.
I'm home now after the long, draining drive, and snacking a bit. I got lots of sun, so the face is a bit pink but should get back to normal in a day or three. It's LATE, but I need to get some of the truck unpacked and still shower the camp smell off before bed. Wish me luck.


I'm glad you had a good time! You'll have to tell me all about it. Did you hang out with the Northsheildians at all?
Nope, honestly didn't even occur to me since I was mostly just on auto-pilot all weekend. Besides I'm not exactly a social butterfly who bounces into foreign camps and blurts out
'Hey do you know Katerinka? She about this high with a big smile and HUGE tracts of land'.
See, thing is, my friend Del was there and I told her to look for someone who would be doing exactly that. :P
Aww you're not serious are you, damn, sorry sweetie, woulda found time to search out their camp had I known. I didn't think many Northshielders made that gruesomely long journey down for Estrella. Tell Del I'm sorry I didn't get to meet her, maybe next time I can make up for it and ply her with copious amounts of rum. And I'll make it up to you with a care package from Merchant's Row in the near future hopefully.
I figured you'd pop over to say hello! There weren't a *ton* of Northshielders there, but there was a decent presence.
Yeah well, I'm a big lamer, social misfit, so you keep nagging me and I'll get outta my shell to meet your peoples sooner or laters. That or I'll just find some way of flying your cute ass down to next Estrella so you can introduce me yourself.
That'd be awesome, except I can't, not with classes. In a few years though...

How about you fly out for Pennsic, huh?
Will have to wait and see on Pennsic, maybe one of these years when life doesn't rain down chaos like it did this last summer.

October 2014

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