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out of bed

Estrella Pics

Insomnia kicked in with the shower, so I copied some pictures on to the 'puter, and uploaded a few to peruse. Didn't take too many at all, so here's a few that were worth the effort. (Edited: LJ Upload/Post kinda lamed the quality, retrying)

Some wonderful people
Always nice to have a camp of lovely ladies and gents.
Angie the cloak thief
Stick Jocks
Stick Jocks in the thick of it
The weather was so perfect
I think its pronounced Aggripa
A popular Australian, dubbed Cape Guy

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Great pics!
Thanks, I always enjoy taking pics at war, even if I don't always take many. Just wish I had like 3 more hands to be able to do everything that there is to do and not have to put down the camera (which is a horrible habit of mine, especially when drinking, since I tend to forget where it went).
Perdy! :)
As are you, I saw your pics from the Gallifrey con and you were rockin' it, I just didn't have the brain power left to comment last night. Hope it was a lot of fun, and be glad you didn't consider Estrella, you were right and alfalfa everywhere woulda been your doom. Just means you'll have to aim for Potrero in May instead.
That was just the first day there will be more. :) I rocked three kinds of Martha and it was sooo fun!
I'd rather not have a camping trip be cause for my doom. Its just not a cool enough death. I can probably do May.
Heh, trying to say you can only be allowed to die if its in a blaze of glory? Like Kylie Minogue in the "Voyage of the Damned" episode? Or would it have to be totally over-the-top like too many people in a people in a ballroom orgy and the whole room collapses?
It would depened on the quality of people in that ballroom orgy. If its filled with awesome and hot people. Then thats just fine.
I'm fairly certain that cloak was lent, not thieved! :p
Yeah well, cloak borrower just doesn't have the same fun to it.

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