Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Post-Estrella Post Frenzy

Because two posts already in 24 hours is totally out of character for me, why not a third.

So among other things I did this weekend I got to spend a good bit of time looking at women in lovely bodices and corsets.
Alicia posing
Alicia poses for the camera

That's the SCA for you, nothing better. But even more so than usual thanks to my old friend Robin, who chose to share booth space with Beverly a purveyor of lovely ladies finery, including corsets and the like.

Here is one that she sold.
New Garb

This one however went unsold this weekend
Who gets to try this one
Who gets to try this one on?

But for those that like to got a little more modern, I saw today (back in the *REAL* world) this wonderful example of corset and cosplay crossover.
Star Trek:TNG Inspired Corset on I know there's probably a few Trek fanboys on my F-list that'll appreciate this one.

I wonder if the new Star Trek film will have taken any similar turns in the costume department, guess I might actually have to go watch the teaser trailers.
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