Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Is it Monday yet?

Yeah, that sounds wrong in so many ways. Sorry for the lack of general posting, but my focus has been for crap recently and putting stuff down in words just lacks all motivation. And forgive if this rambles into babbling...

But it was a busy weekend, sorta ... I guess more to the point it wasn't a typical weekend, so I just feel a bit off still. Spent the weekend with Lisa and the two older boys in Palm Desert, about a 2 hour drive (if traffic cooperates) into the desert from home. It was some company retreat event, put on by her business. It's confusing since the whole massive merger/buy-out changes etc. Not my idea of a vacation, in part because unbeknownst to me, Lisa was gonna be stuck in meetings (or dinner events with work talk) for most of the weekend. And it was all pseudo-mandatory, corporate logic astounds me.

So we got to stay at a ultra-posh hotel in the middle of a resort town and they fed us fancy foods and what not. And overall it was a fun trip, but its still just hard to relax. I miss my TV and its happily recorded shows waiting for me. I miss my bed which while not perfect, is not grotesquely firm like the hotel bed so that I woke with pressure marks in the morning. I miss easy internet without having to pay a fee (obnoxious) or hack through my phone (which is acting wonky).

I survived though. I dressed apropos for the situation (except maybe leaving my nipple rings in at the pool). I shook hands with various other doctor types and their spouses. But I still feel so blah and phony at these things. I guess I find that part of it a bit draining.

I got home finally, despite traffic and its serious (no really, serious) attempts to inflict bodily harm on us. Lisa's brakes on her Pilot do work, but not quite as well as I would like honestly. Then I caught my breath and went out to see friends, get some productive planning done for the next couple weeks, and then head out for dinner. Even got to hangout with Angie a bit as she drove up for dinner after being productive on school work most of this weekend.

Maybe my nerves are just still on edge from the near traffic accident, or the two beers at dinner or the hectic week ahead, but I just can't seem to find my center right now and kinda think I should slept like 2-3 hours ago in hopes of recovering more from the weekend, but alas insomnia through that idea out the window before it ever stood a chance. What's a perpetual nightowl supposed to do?

So here's hoping for a Monday that doesn't rob me of too much sanity. See you all on the other side. Until then enjoy this random thought that I ran across on someone's journal.

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