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Brain is official mush, dammit and its not even Friday

Posting for no good reason at all, except its not real work.
One of those days when I'm beyond lethargic, bordering on comatose.

First things first, this is mostly for the So Cal locals. WWWD (What Would Walt Do?)
... but I'm still not going to D-land, unless its free and there's an open bar.

Tomorrow's Friday, thankfully. I should be looking forward to it. Right? Ehh, not so much.
I get to start my morning with an early AM visit to the dentist. This is like the 5th time in about 3 months. Yeah lots of vicious work to do. I mean its not horrible, thanks to whatever that magic powder it is they give me. The 'sedative' does a decent remarkable job of totally wiping my brain. If you think I'm kidding, here's an example. After the last appointment, the next day I couldn't remember when I was supposed to be going back. For like 3 days I wasn't sure, until I finally found an new appointment card. I have absolutely ZERO memory of making said appointment, believe me if I did it wouldn't have been for 8am on a Friday. I swear that stuff must be GHB or something. I'd worry about what might happen when I'm in the chair, but then again, my dentist is fairly cute and probably totally straight.

On other notes, new food experiences, for note
Chomp in Fullerton:
Sea Urchin sushi - very delicate texture, but very strong 'ocean' flavor
Scallop sushi - nice soft texture, very mild flavor, too easily overpowered by spicy sauce.
Screaming 'O' roll - An excellent mix of ingredients, rolled then tempura fried and cut, with a nice sauce with only a hint of spicy, a definite winner

That is all.
Don't forget to tip your waiter.
Tags: boobs, dentist, sushi

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