Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Okay, who let June in the door?

I think its been god awful long since I posted anything of note. I guess life has been busy, and I don't expect that to change as best I can tell. The year just keeps flying by, the boys finish school tomorrow, which means calendar in agreement or not, Summer is here.

I think I official hit the 10 year mark at my job sometime in the last week or three. Lets have a giant (sarcastic) woo hoo! Yeah, its a paycheck, and the hours are favorable. But yeah I'm never gonna confuse it with anything remotely influential on the world. I don't usually bother to explain my job because its honestly quite boring, as step up or down depending on your opinion from an accountant really. At the moment the best demonstration I can give is this...

The majority of my job the last 10 years has been this pile.
It really did look impressive in person, picture doesn't do justice (especially since I used the phone cam) and was quite cathartic when I cleaned through my office to find ever one of the CDs from the last decade or so.

M'kay, well its late, at least in normal people terms, so I'm gonna sign off. But not before including one picture to make up for the self-inflicted boring. Night all.

A very non-traditional use for Duct Tape, but quite impressive. (Definitely NSFW for normal folk)
Tags: life, work

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