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Random Link Post

Busy with work stuff, boss is out of town, but still lots to do unfortunately. But still find the time to run across few things online.

10 Business Lessons I Learned from Playing Dungeons & Dragons

This one's for Thalia

(Yet) Another Windows issue, I'm so close to scrounging up money for a Mac.

That's all I got, I think my brain is officially mush, time to finish up and head home I think.


Join us....
The Cult of Mac

No no, THIS one's for Thalia.

Re: No no, THIS one's for Thalia.

BTW, why would you ever USE ActiveX online? Unless you had a bloody T3, it'd run like a dog anyway.

Re: No no, THIS one's for Thalia.

Well the point of ActiveX, like any other dynamic system, is to make speed less of an issue, cache the essential bits first and downloading the rest. I mean the same could be applied to Java, its bulky if you don't already have it installed, but since most everyone does it cuts down the delay. Besides in this case I think its probably a rather small amount of ActiveX code being used to open a direct gaping whole in the OS.

Re: No no, THIS one's for Thalia.

You mean, rather like the majority of online features in Windows? XD

Re: No no, THIS one's for Thalia.

What I MEANT was that sending all those d--- triangles would eat bandwidth like mad, but it occurred to me after I posted that it's about FPS netgames.

So I can see why you'd need it, but why does IE connect to it?

Re: No no, THIS one's for Thalia.

Umm Gramps I think you got yourself confused between ActiveX and DirectX which is the one that would relate to video cards and polygons and FPS.

Re: No no, THIS one's for Thalia.

OK, I'm old.

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