Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Living at the mercy of technology

Yes, I haven't posted much of any import recently, this is not likely to change soon, life is too chaotic to think in clear sentences. Life is busy with kids back in school, as well as in soccer, which mean 4 days a week of either practice or games. Work is work, not as bad as July when the boss was on vacation, but still a headache. I need a vacation too, eventually.

So my DSL is down at home as of this morning. Not more than an inconvenience for most people, but alas that means my web and mail servers have been down all day. Sorry to those affected. Not sure when it'll be resolved, hopefully today at some point. Have made preparations to upgrade from DSL to fiber in hopes that it will be less touchy (as well as faster thankfully), since this is like twice in about a month. Very frustrating.
ETA: Looks as if it just came back up while I was typing this entry
ETA redux: No such luck, it was up for maybe an hour and then down again, for another full day so far.

I did however have good luck playing with the new version of Picasa late last night, its scanning for faces in my collection of photos, and was about a 1/4 of the way done so far, with a huge list of name tags already applied. It's not perfect, but seems to do okay most of the time, even in some of my horrendously low light shots. And it is much quicker than me going back and hand tagging them all myself.

And to finish up on a bit of random, what are these Mameshiba, can anyone tell me? Crazy Japanese toys. Here's some translated videos, not sure if these are commercial or what.

End of line
Tags: dsl, mameshiba, picasa

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