Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Crazy kinda life

Yeah, started with week with a little bit of chaos to stir things up, all good now I think. So far Lisa is doing okay, but was definitely not feeling so hot this morning. We spent a good few hours killing time in the ER this morning to see if it was anything. Pain passed eventually, no obvious issues found, keep any eye on it and schedule a follow-up with the primary doctor.

Yep, how I do so love hospitals.

In other news, was reminded that this week is ALA's Banned Books Week, so if you aren't already mid-book (like I am, haven't read in over a week) then why not consider some controversial materials, and support free speech.

And that is all for now, seems tomorrow I get to wait for Verizon to come to the house and work on internet type things.
Tags: banned books, hospital, lisa

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