Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Countdown to XXX

So as of right now its less than 5 days 'til the 30th Anniversary Feast and we're knocking projects off the list as best we can. Though some stuff starts on Thursday, so only a bit over 2 days to finish up for that.
Rich and I hit 3 stores after work for large quantities of beef, but only one had the any left from the sale we were looking for. So after kids were off to bed I hit 3 more stores, not great results, but good enough. Tomorrow I will make a glance to see a current sale on chicken breasts, and if I'm not impressed wait 'til new ads come out on Wed.
Wish me luck, so that we don't end up serving folks big plates of spaghetti.
Tags: anniversary, aokp, feast

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