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Survived... sorta

I've made it past another birthday, now in the final lap of this decade. My misspent thirty-something years. Next year I get to start my midlife crisis right?

Can honestly say at least some of this year was good, but equally true much of it really sucked. Health, work and relationships all were filled with serious downturns. Enormous pitfalls and looming avalanches abound. Disappointments galore, mostly in myself, and I'm not sure I've even handled the worst of it yet. Wish I could assume the coming year would be an improvement, like when you've already hit rock bottom, and say "How much worse could it get?" But I know better than to tempt the fates, there's still plenty and can and might go wrong.

Just handling the days as they come. Do my best to be a useful Dad, since I really don't want to mess that up, if possible. Everything else will get juggled somehow. So yeah, if I don't post for months at a time again, that's probably why. Feeling enough broken and whiny that I kinda get bored with my own thoughts, not likely to put them down here. Miss the good times, ready to move on now.

I'm still online most of the time, easy to find if you care to look, so will hopefully chat with some of you, just not likely here.



I'm still on AIM 24/7, but also on G+ and Twitter, so I'm not hard to find. This has links to most everything major - http://about.me/FredBrown
Ah, I'm never on G+ and I use my Yahoo for IM. I'll try to remember to open my Gmail so I can chat with you :)
I've got yahoo too, but its always connected at work by default, so only handy when I'm there, which account are you using since I don't seem to have that one on my list?

October 2014

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