Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Daily Beauty

I would never buy something like this for myself, because honestly it would be wasted on me, and I wouldn't take nearly good enough care of it. But this doesn't mean I can't appreciate the beauty and love that someone put into it. Always makes me wonder though, how can you say goodbye to it, put a "For Sale" sign on it and know someday you'll never see it again.

I know its probably in someways shallow and vulgar to try and equate love and beauty. Even doubly so in the case of an object, a device, a corporate consumer product. Yet, if we can't imbue ourselves on our world, including our possessions, what is the purpose of art? And no one can deny that someone took this collection of metal and glass and rubber and composed art, they were inspired and mixed that inspiration with effort and attention and love. If there is ever a recipe for beauty perhaps that is at the core of it.

Forgive me if I get sappy over something I've never seen and probably might never see again, but sleep was elusive and dreams were difficult, and to say my mind is on other things is a gross understatement.
Tags: art, daily beauty, love, purple

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